• AS Mystery and Potential Cure Uncovered

    A collaborated research led by Dr. Kuo-I Lin of Genomics Research Center has successfully bridged insights of basic research and medical practice, analyzed clinical data from Taiwan and UK, and unveiled the mystery of Ankylosing Spondylitis, a disease that could be making the lives of a significant number of people miserable. Read More
  • RNA Editing: A New Angle to Conduct Gene Therapy

    Professor Trees-Juen Chuang has brought up an in-triguing observation regarding the risk factors of genetic mutations that may yield to diseases. This is the first time to explore the association between RNA editing activities and the damaging effect of genetic mutations at a population scale. His team brought up solid proofs using Bioinformatic Analysis and says, the “RNA editing” factor should definitely be counted... Read More
  • Diradicals Identified for the First Time in Sugars Interconversion

    Maintaining a homeostatic blood-sugar level in body is important, because the imbanlaced blood-sugar level is unhealthy. The homeostasis, however, is dependent on the gross metabolism of sugars in our body. Scientists are therefore keen to sort out how the sce-nario is precisely implemented at both the microscorpic and macroscopric levels. Read More
  • Naa10p Depletion Burns Fat

    A team led by Dr. Li-Jung Juan of Genomics Research Center, Academia Sinica, reported an unexpected function for Naa10p, which is primarily known to acetylate nascent peptides from ribosomes, in repressing energy expenditure, thermogenesis and beige adipocyte differentiation. These results, published online in the journal Molecular Cell on Aug 12, also suggest inhibiting Naa10p enzymatic activity can be a promising strategy in treating obesity. Read More
  • 2019 Open House Popular Science Lecture: The Era of Gene Editing?

    In 40 mins, the most advanced gene editing techniques, the controversial issue of gene edited babies and the relationship of gene editing and human future will be discussed. Read More
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Research in GRC Series


  • 2018-2019 Taiwan Rotary Charity Award: An interview with Dr. Tien-Hsien Chang
    Read More
  • The First Prize, National Senior High School Science Fair. Congratulations to Chen-Wei Su and Jou-Wei Ho from Taipei First Girl
    Read More
  • Congratulations to Dr. Tien-Hsien Chang for receiving the Y.Z. HSU SCIENCE AWARD
    Read More
  • Congratulations to Dr. Chun-Mei Hu for receiving the Juei-Low Sung foundation Distinguished Thesis Award
    Read More

Research News

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  • 中研院基因體研究中心莊樹諄研究員團隊,運用生物資訊分析,領先全球首次提出,DNA序列突變的危害性,應該結合RNA轉譯資料分析,才能更精確地評估這個突變的危害程度。這個突破性的研究,最近在《基因體研究》(Genome Research)期刊發表。
    Read More
    • ResearchNews
  • Sugar intake in foods / Dr. Wen-Bin Yang
    Read More
    • PopularScience
  • CRISPR: God’s Scissors / Dr. Yu-Chi Chou
    Read More
    • PopularScience
  • Hierachical and Programmable One-Pot Method Brings Oligosaccharide Synthesis to a Whole New Level
    Read More
    • ResearchNews
  • Making the right tools for tough jobs – how to build a scientific instrument / Dr. Yi-Sheng Wang
    Read More
    • PopularScience
  • Glycans Promising To Fix Damaged Spinal Axons
    Read More
    • ResearchNews
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