• 2016 GRC Outstanding Performance Awards and Scientific Conference

    The official Award Ceremony will take place at the GRC Auditorium on Jan. 24, 2017 (Tuesday). Please reserve your time to attend this exciting event. The names of these winners can be found at ... Read More
  • Simplified Process to Make Anticoagulant Drug Wins the Hung’s Team the IBMI Award

    Nature does wonders! Who would have thought that something within the intestines of pigs called heparin could be used to make drugs being used in modern operating rooms in all hospitals? Read More
  • Reaching Out – Another Step to Go Above and Beyond

    The collaborative spirit is one of the key strengths in Genomics Research Center. When chemists, biologists, and engineers are mixed and matched, the synergy thereby created and re-created helps to pave the way toward solving critical human diseases... Read More
  • A Simple Sugar Makes the Life or Death Difference to an Activated B Cell

    O-GlcNAc is a monosaccharide spotted inside cells that has caught attentions lately. Although a very basic unit of carbohydrate, it is a big deal when noted to have shown up in the event of phosphorylation in the cell. Phosphorylation is a recognized process for messages to pass around within cells in order to carry out biological functions... Read More
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