Functional Genomics Division 2006

Juan, Li-Jung

  • S. H. Chiou, Y. P. Yang, J. C. Lin, C. H. Hsu, Y. T. Yang, C. H. Lee, L. L. T. Ho, W. M. Hsu, H. H. Ku, S. J. Chen, S. S. L. Chen, M. D. T. Chang, C. W. Wu and L. J. Juan*, 2006, “The immediate early 2 protein of human cytomegalovirus mediates the apoptotic control in HCMV retinitis through upregulation of the cellular FLICE-inhibitory protein expression”, J. Immunol, 177, 6199-6206. (SCI)

Yang, An-Suei

  • H. Hsu, H. Cheng, H-P. Peng, S-S. Huang, M-Y. Lin and A. S. Yang, 2006, “Assessing Computational Amino Acid beta-turn Propensities with Phage-displayed Combinatorial Library and Directed Evolution”, Structure, 14, 1499-1510. (SCI)