2015 GRC Outstanding Performance Awards and Scientific Conference

The awardees list of 2015 GRC Outstanding Performance Awards:



Name PI
Po-Hsun Lin Ying-Ta Wu
Chian-Hui Lai Ying Chih Chang
Hong-Sen Chen An-Suei Yang
Cheng-Hsiu Chang Shang-Cheng Hung
Kuo-Ting Chen Wei-Chieh Cheng
Heng-Hsiung Wu Wen-Hwa Lee
Fang-Pei Chang Chia-Ning Shen
Tsung-Chieh Lin Michael Hsiao
I-Ying Lin Kuo-I Lin
Jessica Bonnie Liu Hwai-I Yang
Shang-Lin Chang Tien-Hsien Chang
Sudhir Putty Reddy Chung-Hsuan Chen
Jia-Yang Chen Ying Chih Chang
Ming-Yi Ho Chi-Ming Liang



Name PI
Chien-Lin Chang Run-Ru Ruby Chen
Yi-Ping Huang Chi-Fon Chang
Chiao-Yuan Fan Shang-Cheng Hung
Wei-Ting Hung Wen-Bin Yang
Liu-Chen Lin Wen-Hwa Lee
Hsin-Ying Han Chia-Ning Shen
Chien-Yu Su Hwai-I Yang
Yi-Hsuan Lee Joyce Jean Lu
Tzu-Han Chen Kuo Ping Chiu
Yih-Ruey Chen Ying Chih Chang
Chien-Fang Wang Ying Chih Chang
Chi-Lin Wu Jung-Lee Lin
Yu-Jen Chang Run-Ru Ruby Chen
Yi-Hong Cai Ying Sheng Wang
Chein-Hung Chen Jung-Lee Lin



Name PI
Kuo-Shiang Liao Chung-Yi Wu
Yu-Sheng Fang Run-Ru Ruby Chen
Chin-Wei Lin Chung-Yi Wu
Ya-Lang Huang Shie-Liang Liang
Dong-Yan Tsai Kuo-I Lin
Szu-Hsueh Lai Chung-Hsuan Chen




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