Wu, Shih-Hsiung 吳世雄

特聘研究員 / 本院生化所

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  • B. S. Department of Botany, National Taiwan University, Taipei, (June 1975)
  • M. S. Institute of Biochemical Sciences, National Taiwan University, Taipei (June 1977)
  • Ph.D. University of Wisconsin, Madison, School of Pharmacy, USA, (Dec. 1987)
  • Group Leader, Panalabs Taiwan Ltd. (Feb. 1978 - Feb. 1979)
  • Assistant Research Fellow (Mar. 1979 - Mar. 1988), Associate Research Fellow (Apr. 1988 - Jun. 1991), Research Fellow (Jul. 1991 – present), Institute of Biological Chemistry, Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan.
  • Associate Professor, (1989 -1992), Professor (1992 – present), National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan
  • Visiting Scholar, (Aug, 1994 - July, 1995), The Scripps Research Institute, La Jolla, CA, USA
  • General Secretary (Jun, 1998 - May, 1999), Taiwan Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
  • Deputy Director (Oct. 1997 - Oct. 1999), Institute of Biological Chemistry, Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan
  • Director, Office of Academic Affair (Jan. 2002 – present), Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan


  • Outstanding Research Award (傑出獎) (1993) Section of Biology, National Science Council, Taiwan
  • Outstanding Research Award (傑出獎) (2003) Section of Chemistry, National Science Council, Taiwan


The major thrust of our research lies at the crossroads of chemistry and biology. 

Our group is currently working on two general areas:

  • Carbohydrate chemistry and glycobiology, especially in sialic acid;
  • Studies on the structure-functional relationship of proteins and peptides;